Shortly About Us
We use all Marwari/Throw horses bred and trained at our own stables. We also boast of having a name of "the home of Marwari Breed". Due to the finest pedigree horses of our past records whose bloodline can still be traced.
On an average we cover 25 kms to 35 kms in a day, starting in the morning after breakfast with rest and lunch on the way. We take great care to choose beautiful location and secluded places with panoramic views of dams, lakes, riverbeds and fields for our mid-day halts. As we reach the chosen place, our backup will be at service with grooms and attendants to take care of our guests. Our trained chef creates an element of culinary surprise and serves delicious, fresh cooked traditional Rajasthani cuisine, yet care is being taken to adjust the taste as per the guest's preferences.